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Secrets bullet Did you know there are offshore money havens that MAINTAIN STRICT LAWS AGAINST ENFORCING FOREIGN JUDGMENTS? For example, if you set up a trust in the British Virgin Islands, creditors will NOT be able to touch the assets in your trust, as you’ll see on page 95 of Hiding Your Money.
Secrets bullet If you’d like to put away some money without anybody else knowing about it, ACQUIRE A SECOND PASSPORT OR CITIZENSHIP in another country. You can legally do this without the risk of losing your U.S. citizenship. On page 103 of Hiding Your Money, you’ll read the many benefits of this strategy, including opening bank accounts or investments in your “new” country without anybody from home being able to easily identify you.
Secrets bullet Think you can’t legally protect your money from the IRS? THINK AGAIN! One of the best yet overlooked tax breaks for business owners is incorporation. This is especially true if you incorporate in company-friendly states like Delaware or Nevada. For example, there is no corporate income tax for companies conducting business outside the state—and you can get these benefits without moving your company to either of these states. See page 171 of Hiding Your Money to see how easy it is to use this tax-saving strategy.
Secrets bullet One of the best places to hide cash and valuables in your home is a DIVERSION VIDEOTAPE that looks like a real videotape. Only it’s hollow on the inside, a perfect place for jewelry or money. See page 154 of Hiding Your Money for other safe places for hiding even big items in your home.

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